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In this blog, you can find pages about my life so far, mentors, and of course, horses and my adventures with them.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Almost finished my social media internship....

Between doing social media stuff, giving tours, attending meetings, playing with our horses (before and after work, and during lunch break...) time seems to fly by! So much so, that I'm embarking on my final week here at Parelli Social Media. Yes, I did say my final week.

It just so happened that there's a fast track starting at the campus, next week. It also just so happens that I fly back to the UK on the 29th Sept - a couple of days after the fast track ends. It also happens that I have a horse at the campus, and I 'm confident that our horsemanship level is fast track worthy. I also discovered that I've earned more than half the money for the fast track, just with working student credits. It seemed like too good a coincidence to miss, so I spoke to my boss about participating in the fast track.... and hey presto! After some chats with various people, I'll be starting the fast track on Monday, and ending my time here on Friday!

I'm sad to be finishing my time in the office. I've really really enjoyed it. More than I ever thought I would. Social Media is a very exciting thing, especially when its Parelli related! But I'm pretty confident that I'll be involved with social media in one form or another in the future; even if its purely keeping my own blog.

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  1. Great job on finishing the internship! I enjoyed reading your comments on my blog and with your help on my parelli tube submission. And have fun on the fast track! Wish I was there with you. My sister is there for the same fast track as you! Kris is her name and her horse is Jake.