This is the place where I record my current learning experiences with horses. I’m personally aiming to become an excellent horsewoman, but the nature of horses is that they are truly catalysts for personal development. So, while half of my musings will be from a point of observation and communication with horses, this only reflects the way that I am personally developing. Because of this, it is my hope that you can relate to my blog on whatever level you wish. If you are a fellow horseman-in-training: good to meet you, it's wonderful to be on the same journey! But at the same time, if you are a complete stranger to me or to horses, you are just as welcome. Hopefully this blog will bring you some amusement; even if it is just laughing at how mad we horse people can be!

In this blog, you can find pages about my life so far, mentors, and of course, horses and my adventures with them.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Dowdy's 'ears back' face:

Now that Dowdy is beginning to understand the ways that horses communicate with each other, we're looking at implementing those things ourselves. So, its all very well to know how the horses are moving each other about, but how do we do those things? How do we mimic the 'ears back' how do we do something that has the same effect as kicking or biting?

We've covered a couple of fundamentals: 
1. Pressure motivates, but its the release that teaches (so its all very well that you're doing the action, but it has to mean something. Its when the horse responds appropriately that you release the pressure) 
2. Find the amount of force that the horse is using, and then use the same amount and a little bit more back
3. You have to know, how much pressure to use, where to apply the pressure, and how to apply the pressure (known as phases, zones, and games in Parelliville) 

We played about with a couple of 'horseless simulations'  - getting each other to do different things, but without using verbal cues. That was fun! We also practiced our 'ears back' faces, for the first couple of days they were 'students of the horse' but today, I told them that they must do the same things as the horses.... yes, ears back, kicking, biting, eating grass, pooping (nope, not quite that far, but you get what I mean!)

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